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natural-sleep-logo-2011Natural Sleep Aid NOW! is a ground breaking all natural sleep formula that has been helping hundreds of people get the great night’s sleep that they deserve.  Our sleep formula has helped people who have suffered from sleep ailments for years.  We have even converted those who previously used prescription based sleep aids to overcome their difficulties sleeping.  This is truly an insomnia cure that helps you sleep well and wake up energized and refreshed. Research has shown that more than 60% of adults have trouble sleeping.  The distinctive combination of herbs in our natural sleep aid formula blends with your body’s chemistry to help promote healthy sleep patterns.  This patented formula makes Natural Sleep Aid NOW! – in our opinion and that of its users – the #1 all natural sleep aid on the market.

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      Natural Sleep Aid Now!

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Are Your Diet Pills Affecting The Quality of Your Sleep

fit woman having a good nights sleepA large number of pills and other types of medication are available over the counter these days in order to help with weight reduction. Whilst many of these pills do provide some benefits it is also important to understand that they can also be the cause of a number of different side effects. Affecting the quality of sleep is just one such side effect which should be taken seriously, after all sleep is an extremely important part of life. But why does it happen?

Stimulants can mess with your natural sleep hormones

Many diet pills are stimulant based so it’s just like drinking large amounts of coffee or other energy type drinks. Just like coffee and these other drinks the diet pills can have effect your quality of sleep, either keeping you up all night or at least leading to much less restful sleep than you need.
Some diet pills may also be responsible for triggering nervous thoughts and anxiety, these emotions may also make restful sleep more difficult to achieve.

One of the major problems with diet pills which do affect the quality of your sleep during the night is that it can leave you feeling groggy and un-rested during the daytime. This in turn can lead to irritability, a depressed mood, increasing the appetite and a desire for more stimulants. Of course taking additional stimulants in the form of extra diet pills or some of these drinks can make the problem even worse like explained here about green coffee beans.

guy sleeping in bed

Another way that diet pills can affect sleep patterns is that they can sometimes cause digestive problems. The way that some diet pills work is to reduce or block fat absorption. These drugs are designed to interact and interrupt the normal digestive process so digestive problems are not uncommon. Of course, these digestion problems can also lead to sleep problems due to a feeling of being uncomfortable throughout the night. These symptoms may be heightened if you eat any high-fat or greasy foods (which is a little counter-productive anyway if you are trying to lose weight).

In the most severe cases digestive problems such as lethargy, abdominal cramps and dehydration could occur, especially if a person experiences severe diarrhea symptoms. Some diet pills can also cause a person to feel nauseous which is not conducive to a good night’s sleep either like ketones from raspberries.

Sleep is the great multiplier

There are also some food stuffs which can affect the quality of a person’s sleep. Sleep is one of the most important needs a person has but it is surprising just how many people suffer from not getting a good quality snooze.

If you are taking over the counter diet pills and experience any of these symptoms in a severe form then you really need to either stop taking diet pills completely or at least think about changing to another type of medication. Equally if you experience restless sleep without taking diet pills you should refrain from taking alcohol, caffeine or nicotine in the evenings. All of these things can affect the quality of your sleep too.

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